“Elgad Industries” is a leader in designing and manufacturing solutions for shading, gates, railings, fences and winter enclosures.

“Elgad Industries” has an experience of over 40 years of PR1expertise in wood and metal. In “Elgad Industries” we developed a unique installation methodwhich is done by designed dressings and installation with screws only, without welding work at the customer’s home. This method allows the most professional, high quality and efficient solution. “Elgad Industries” is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and service. Under one roof we design and produce wooden pergolas, metal and glass pergolas, metal and wood pergolas combined with aluminum and glass. This is of course in full cooperation with the best architects and interior designers of the leading firms in the country.

“Elgad industries” will be happy to give you service and maximum enjoyment of a luxury product according to your personal taste while maintaining the small details and product quality.

We will be happy to assist you at any time!